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Located adjacent to the Port of Savannah, Marlin Compression provides your drivers with domestically produced, historically stable fuel, at up to 50% the cost of diesel. CNG-fueled fleets offer companies faster fill times with no diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) or waiting on regeneration, while simultaneously decarbonizing your fleet.

Reduce CO2

Net Zero

Support your customers’ sustainability goals by providing CNG and RNG logistics solutions to give them net zero or net negative results

Low-Cost Fuel

Reduce Costs

Improve your return on investment by paying less at the pump, decreasing maintenance costs and eliminating DEF requirement



The latest CNG engines offer reliability and reduced maintenance to keep your drivers in operation

Driver Health

Driver Health

Truck drivers are the backbone of America and deserve the advantages of less fumes, noise and stress that CNG engines offer

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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) is produced from methane naturally emitted from waste, including landfills and livestock waste. Rather than being released into the environment, this methane is captured and recycled to fuel homes, businesses and vehicles. RNG offers an accessible and affordable solution for fleets to reduce their carbon footprint and achieve their sustainability goals. Did you know that any natural gas vehicle can run on RNG? RNG performs identically to natural gas in both compressed and liquefied forms. Request a consultation today!

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The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to award $60 million to projects that significantly reduce emissions from diesel engines in designated poor air quality areas through the Diesel Emissions Reductions Act (DERA) grant program.

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Check out your estimated annual fuel savings from switching to CNG with our customized cost savings calculator.

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